As my mom used to say...

Hello, Cookie!

I'm Nannette Gonzalez Suedmeyer, graphic designer, pastry chef, and home chef to my amazing husband and two awesome bonus kids

Like me, they have food sensitivities. With my recipes, all the research, time, and effort are done for you. Just follow the recipes and you will free your belly of allergens—while loving every bite!

Handwritten Nannette

Why Free Belly

I first became aware of my dairy sensitivity in 2020. Whenever I consumed something with dairy, a series of sneezes would follow. Talk about annoying!  I also discovered that avoiding gluten was better for my digestion. Rewind to 2017, when I started dating a guy (now my husband) with a daughter, whom also happened to have dairy sensitivity. 

Working as a freelance graphic designer, I was fortunate enough to have flexibility with my schedule. I could take breaks in between projects to test, taste, and create recipes that fit my family’s dietary needs. Not only are these recipes for appetizers, snacks, entrees, and desserts free of gluten, dairy, or both, but they have also passed the kids’ taste test. Because who the heck has time to make separate meals for kids and adults?



Our mission is to provide dairy and gluten-free recipes that are simple, healthy, and tasty, using easy-to-find ingredients. We’ve taken the time to carefully craft and create these delicious, fun recipes to free our bellies of allergens – and want to help you do the same. 

With my Free Belly recipes, your tummies will thank you!


My Journey

I went to school for graphic design in California and worked in construction at my family’s business after graduating. 

My mom started me very early in the kitchen. I loved cooking and baking with her. Growing up, my mother called me “Cookie” and gifted me with words of encouragement, as well as chef and baker ornaments, which I treasure to this day. So, when a college friend asked me to make her wedding cupcakes, I happily said “yes” with one caveat: that I would bake a tiered cake a la Duff of Ace of Cakes, my culinary hero at the time.

While prepping the cake at the wedding, I was offered a job by the catering manager at the hotel. I respectfully declined. But, thought it might be time to hone my skills. I enrolled in a pastry course at the Westlake Culinary Institute with Mary Bergin.  After the course ended, I asked Chef Bergin what should I do next? She said to find a position in pastry straight away as an assistant. I took her advice – and in 2009, I accepted a position as an assistant pastry chef 3,000 miles away in St. Petersburg, Florida. 

Uprooting my life in California wasn’t an easy decision, but the death of my brother made the urgency of pursuing my passion even greater. And so, I moved to St. Petersburg working as an assistant pastry chef at a tony yacht club – learning hands-on techniques and eating up the experience as much as I could. 

In 2020, I lost my mother to lung cancer. And once again, I re-evaluated my priorities. Her favorite song was, “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” and she embraced it every day. Knowing the kitchen was my happy place, she always encouraged me to share my cooking and baking experience with others. 

Free Belly is my homage to her. The recipes, this website, the videos – are all because of her. I will forever be inspired by the joyful way she lived her life.

I hope you also find inspiration in my recipes. I would be thrilled if you did – and so would my mother.